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Global Company Prefix (GCP)

What is a GCP?

A Global Company Prefix, or GCP, is a licensed number of four to twelve digits issued by GS1 Member Organisations to a user company to entitle that user company to create any of the GS1 identification keys (i.e., Global Trade Item Number, Global Location Number, Serial Shipping Container Code, etc.). These GS1 identification keys are what is used throughout GS1 systems of standards to identify products, companies, locations, etc – not the GS1 Company Prefix itself.

How is a GCP used?

The GS1 Company Prefix can be used to determine which GS1 Member Organisation allocated the prefix. However, it cannot be used to determine where an item was produced or distributed. For example, while a GCP may have been issued to a company headquartered in Belgium, the product may have been produced in another country. Country of origin, for example, is often communicated via master data about the product or labeled on the product itself.

Additional Information

For more information regarding the GS1 Global Company Prefix, please visit https://www.gs1.org/docs/healthcare/position-papers/gcp-clarifications-may-2022.pdf

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