Secure, Easy to Implement, technology for trade partners.

Quickly meet DSCSA requirements with easy to implement technology. Built with both non-technical and technical users in mind -- Dispensers, Wholesalers, and Manufacturers can use their existing technology or utilize our simple web dashboard to securely verify, communicate, and exchange data with trade partners.

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Purpose Built For The Medical Supply Chain.

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.Med allows trading partners the ability to verify, communicate, and exchange regulated data in a secure end to end system. Exclusively available to trade partners within the medical supply chain, .Med provides solutions for authorized trade partner (ATP) verification, data exchange, and drug recall notifications.

.Med's ATP Verification solution allows trade partners to quickly meet DSCSA requirements by proving ATP status, performing trade partner status checks, and providing detailed transaction logging. Verified ATP status grants your organization access into .Med's Secure Data Exchange, ATP Network, and notification systems.

Multiple Solutions. One Focus.

Data connectivity is critical to success within the medical supply chain. Our solutions allow trade partners to unify, control, and activate their data and communications, creating efficiency while meeting regulatory demands.

Explore .Med's Data Connectivity Solutions for the Healthcare Supply Chain.

Data Exchange

A fully automatable, machine to machine data transfer and tracing solution.

The .Med Secure Electronic Data Exchange allows medical supply chain partners the ability to communicate FDA regulated data in a closed loop system.


ATP Verification

Verifying Authorized Trade Partner status is key to DSCSA compliance.

Use your .Med domain name as proof of identity during the signing process. Quickly and reliably prove identity and verify ATP status with .Med ATP Verification.

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Recall Notifications

The Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Recall Group is a private study focused on designing solutions to improve the efficiency of recall within the healthcare supply chain.



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Verify ATP status with .Med

The .Med ATP Verification network consistently monitors organizations within the Medical Supply Chain for changes in trade partner status. Ensuring trade partner transactions are following DSCSA guidelines. Verification of authorized trade partner status is required for access to .Med solutions.

Your .Med domain acts as proof of identity during the signing process. Once verified as an ATP, organizations gain the ability to perform lookups on other trade partners, logging, and the ability to access other .Med solutions.

Register and Verify.

Register your organization with the .Med network to gain access to ATP Verification. *Early access onboarding is currently available for Manufacturers, Wholesalers, and Dispensers.

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Your .med Domain.

Once verified as an Authorized Trade Partner, you will be assigned a unique .Med domain name that identifies you as an Authorized Trade Partner acting as proof of identity during the signing process.

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License Checks Provided by:

Search, verify, and communicate with other ATPs'.

Search for other trade partners and check ATP status, receive and communicate drug recall notifications, and securely exchange regulated data.


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Architectual Diagram
Trust.MED ATP Verification (v2)

Download our ATP verification architectural diagram to take a deeper look at how ATP Verification by .Med works in detail.

This diagram was last updated: 06/01/21


Recall Scan Diagram
Recall Scan Verification Flow

Download our recall scan verification future-state diagram to better understand how .Med is using domain names and existing medical supply chain tech to improve recalls.

This diagram was last updated: 05/28/21


Domain Name Registration
Med Domain Name Registration System Diagram

Download our Domain Name Registration Diagram and visualize the process of how .Med domain names are issued, and when organizations gain access to the .Med verified registry of ATP organizations.

This diagram was last updated: 06/04/21


About .Med

Medistry LLC is the Registry Operator of .Med under contract with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).  Through IANA, ICANN coordinates the Internet unique identifier systems needed to ensure the Internet interoperates globally (

Thomas Cooper

Oversees all technical aspects.
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Daniel Kraciun

Oversees product and marketing.
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Lloyd Mager
Market Solutions Consultant

An accomplished industry expert of the Drug Supply Chain and leads strategic initiatives for .Med.
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John Winkler
Director of Development

Leads development and implementation.
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Hun Jae Lee
Software Engineer

Designs, develops, and implements .Med solutions.
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Matthew Wilson
Head Architect

Ray Fassett is the Managing Partner of .Med and is responsible for all operational aspects.
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