Connect any system or process to the .Med Communication Hub and authenticate trading partner status (ATP), exchange serialized data (EPCIS), verify suspect product (VRS), and communicate recalled drug notifications.



One Connection, Billions of Exchanges

Standards Based Technology

Built for Data and Communication

Authorized Trade Partners

Trust.med GS1 compliant Resolver for DSCSA


.Med powers the exchange of regulated data and transmission of communication between authorized trading partners (ATP).

A single connection to the .Med Communication Hub activates your supply chain data and messages, giving you the ability to:

  • verify trading partners
  • verify products
  • exchange serialized data
  • securely communicate in an end to end system.

.Med utilizes the domain name system (DNS), the infrastructure of the internet, to authenticate endpoints and enable electronic communication interactions between verified trading partners.

Built to facilitate billions of exchanges - The .Med Communication Hub is constructed to be the interoperable exchange system for the healthcare supply chain.



DSCSA License Checks for Every Shipment

Location & Entity Based ATP Verification

ATP Verify All Dispensers

No Code Implementation


ATP Verification by .Med checks the license status of each trading partner you exchange product ownership with before shipping or data exchange occurs. Every license check is logged, stored for a minimum of 6 years, and is exportable in a customizable report.

ATP Verification packages systems for license checks, credentialing, and infrastructure in an easy to implement service. Programmatic implementation using our application programming interface (API) offers seamless integration into your existing shipping process, while our non-technical implementation allows you to meet DSCSA requirements without a single line of code.

Meet DSCSA compliance, enhance business processes, and improve patient safety with .Med's authorized trade partner verification service.

ATP Trust.med Resolver


Direct & Indirect Targeted Recall Communication

Improved Efficiency

Environmentally Conscious

Targeted Notifications

Enhanced Recall Notifications

Enhanced Recall Notifications by .Med streamlines the communication and response mechanisms of the recall process. This environmentally conscious solution produces: efficiency, cost savings, and improved patient safety.

Drug manufacturers, wholesale distributors, pharmacies, and hospital systems have come together with .Med to collaborate on an enhanced recall system that focuses on delivering critical recall information.

Having successfully completed the first phase of work, .Med and industry stakeholders are beginning a second phase of development that will accomplish targeted recall communications, significantly enhancing recalled drug communication with direct and indirect trading partners who have received recalled product.

View the .Med Enhanced Recall Notifications first year timeline and learn about our development of a safer, more efficient drug recall system.



Securely Exchange Standardized Data Requests


Replicate or Query EPCIS

Serialized Data Delivery


.Med domain names activate your supply chain data and messages, giving you the ability to exchange regulated product data and securely communicate with verified trading partners.

.Med domain names identify authenticated sources of information for drug products (GTIN) and organize your question in a standardized way (GS1 Digital Link).

Utilizing accepted technical standards and the resolute infrastructure of the domain name system (DNS), Resolve by .Med empowers trading partners to easily capture and share serialized product tracing information (EPCIS), enhanced recall communications, and more.

.Med is revolutionizing the way healthcare supply chain tracing data is exchanged, accessed, and communicated. Learn how to become DSCSA compliant and enable your GTIN's today.

EPCIS resolver for EPCIS Data Exchange


Improve Patient Safety

Verify Suspect Product

Improve Patient Safety

Built to Integrate

Product Verification using VRS

.Med enables any authorized trade partner to verify drug products through the verification router service (VRS). Product verification can be done through scanning, inventory management integrations, or directly through the .Med Communication Hub portal.

DSCSA requires that pharmacies and hospitals have the ability to verify suspect product. Manufacturers are required to respond to verification requests under DSCSA.

.Med closes the technological gap between dispensers and drug manufacturers through the use of existing VRS infrastructure, authorized trade partner verification service, and the .Med Communication Hub. Dispensers of all sizes can verify drug products with manufacturers authenticated product data endpoints.


About .Med

Medistry LLC (d.b.a., .Med) is the licensed Registry Operator of the .Med Top-Level-Domain (TLD) under contract with the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). 

.Med is headquartered in Cleveland, OH along with its parent company Second Generation.  The .Med TLD creates a trusted and verified source of medical information online. .Med focuses on addressing the needs of the drug supply chain industry.


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Chief Technology Officer

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Market Solutions Officer

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Chief Marketing Officer

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Sr. Director, Product

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Product Marketer

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Sr. Software Engineer

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Managing Director

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