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Enterprise-grade data exchange service for an evolving supply chain.

March 26th, 2024

DataX offers supply chain trading partners enterprise-grade data exchange capabilities, data translation services, intuitive reporting, and cost-effective scaling. Regulatory and technological developments on the pharmaceutical and healthcare supply chain make trading partner data exchange capabilities more important than ever. DataX is a flexible, manageable, and affordable solution.

Built on standards

We've built DataX with a focus on EPCIS and other standards to meet the needs of a diverse supply chain. As a GS1 solution partner we place focus on the standards-based software development of interoperable solutions. Bolt-on compatibility to existing systems are features that give DataX users the ability to move data seamlessly, filling the gaps of their evolving tech stacks.

Realtime status visibility

The adoption of EPCIS and other standardized data formats requires collaboration across multiple stakeholders, including suppliers, distributors, and retailers. Our data transformation and validation mechanisms account for the varying capabilities of your partners, allowing you to transform, interpret, and deliver data as needed while avoiding disruption.

DataX is underpinned by an advanced deployment of Google Cloud Platform allowing the system and it's services to accommodate the security requirements and growth of our customers. The DataX pricing model reflects our respect for our customers changing needs by eliminating connection fees and providing features like partner accessible web portals at no additional cost.

Simple but powerful

We believe that a data exchange service needs to support a wide range of data formats and connectivity methods so information can be exchanged smoothly between partner systems. Our default DataX service support EPCIS, JSON, Binary, XML, EDI and raw product data. Our default connection methods are API, AS2, and SFTP.

With more than 35,000 endpoints capable of sending and receiving data and production data connections into providers like Tracelink, SAP, RfXcel, LSPedia, Infinitrack, Cardinal, and many more, setup and implementation time is drastically reduced.

DataX was developed to move critical data between trading partners in regulatory compliance scenarios. Pairing rapid setup and deployment with compliant data exchange uniquely positions DataX to be utilized as an accompanying solution to fill in gaps not covered effectively by mechanisms designed to generate serial numbers.

Enhanced visibility reporting coming 2024

Access key metrics, status updates, and insights from DataX to quickly understand the performance and health of your data exchanges, enabling more informed decision-making and strategic planning. Users have access to a live view of their data flows, transactions, and operational metrics, enabling them to react promptly to any changes or anomalies. Real-time monitoring equips users with the necessary tools to make informed decisions quickly, without the delays associated with traditional data processing and analysis methods.

Default data exchange features

  • Admin console with control mechanisms
  • Schema and error validation tooling
  • Partner integration services
  • Web accessible partner portals
  • Pricing that accommodates operational changes

Add-on features

  • Drop shipment data delivery
  • Data transformation

Contact sales or support to learn more about DataX.

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