Our Mission

Trust.med ensures the integrity of data in the global healthcare supply chain. Utilizing the top-level domain .med, we enable secure, uninterrupted access to critical product information. We are dedicated to leveraging the power of DNS to optimize the global discoverability of pharmaceutical product and location data.



Thomas Cooper

Chief Technology Officer

John Winkler

Chief Product Officer

Daniel Kraciun

Chief Marketing Officer
& VP Operations

Eric Moore

Dir. of Implementation

Alex Polosky

Sr. Software Engineer

Ryan Frazer

Product Marketer

Ray Fassett

Managing Director

Lloyd Mager

Market Solutions Officer


Medistry LLC (d.b.a., .Med), under contract with the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), is the licensed Registry Operator of the Top-Level-Domain (TLD) .med

Together, Medistry and Trust.med have created a trusted resource for healthcare supply chain information and applications for trading partner DSCSA compliance.

.Med and its parent company, Second Generation LLC, are located in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Explore Trust.med's other innovative solutions: electronically exchange data, verify product authenticity, enhance product identity verification, and streamline recall processes with DataX, Verify, Identity, and Recall.

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