About DSCSA Links

What are DSCSA Links?

Trust.med’s Registry provides authorized trading partner contact information and drug product information. This information is discoverable by National Drug Code (NDC) or Global Trade Item Number (GTIN). Specific DSCSA contact information can be set by the authoritative source of the NDC or GTIN for regulatory collaboration. 

DSCSA links are endpoints (e.g. email address, server, phone number) set by the trading partner controlling the NDC or GTIN.

Modify Your DSCSA Links

Modifying links displayed on Trust.med’s Registry is done from within your Trust.med account..

Login to your Trust.med account account at https://dashboard.trust.med

If you are a trading partner in control of NDC’s or GTIN’s represented in the Trust.med Registry your account has controls for managing resolvers. Resolvers are standards based Registry listings.

Resolvers allow you to control your Collaboration Links within the Trust.med Registry.

Specific links on each resolver have been designated for DSCSA collaboration. To promote ease of regulatory collaboration clearly labeled DSCSA collaboration links are presented on every NDC and GTIN listing. 

Edit Your Registry Resolvers
Trust.med Account Login  

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